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I am part of the Networks Information Communications and Engineering Systems Laboratory (NICEST lab) at UIC.

My Google Scholar Page (with citations, h-index, i-index)
My dblp page (though all my papers are also available here)
NSF's support is gratefully acknowledged
Natasha Devroye's CV

Sorry, the next section has not been updated since 2014 -- my Publications and NSF grants reflect my current interests.

I work in the area of network information theory, with a particular focus on determining the information theoretic performance limits of cognitive networks, interference networks, two-way networks, and relay networks. I have also recently become interested in radar signal processing, in particular motivated by cognitive radar. In the future, I hope to look at whether/how information theory may be useful in other domains, open problems / ideas for directions welcome!

I am interested in determining the fundamental limits of how fast one can reliably communicate over networks (i.e. I seek the ``capacity'' of networks), an area of importance as we have come to expect rapid communications over evermore sophisticated and heavily utilized networks. Information theoretic bounds on capacity not only act as technology-independent benchmarks for measuring the performance of current systems, but may also guide industry and government on which directions to pursue. This is a challenging problem -- the capacity of even simple networks has been a long-standing open problem in information theory. Within network information theory, my research may be split along three lines: