Director of Undergraduate Studies

I have been the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the ECE department since Fall 2016. For the Fall 2019 -- Spring 2020 semester, Professor Vahe Caliskan will be the "Acting DUGS" while I have a baby. Please see him for advising, questions, petitions. Some useful links.

EE Curriculum on Catalog
CE Curriculum on Catalog
EP Curriculum on Catalog
EE curriculum and flowchart: OLDNEW curriculum, NEW flowchart
CE curriculum and flowchart: OLD, NEW curriculum, NEW flowchart
EP curriculum and flowchart: OLDNEW curriculum, NEW flowchart
ECE courses

ECE Tracks

uAchieve report

Transfer students and ECE 115 policy
Grade recalculation policy
Incomplete grade policy
Student disciplinary policy
Academic Integrity Incident Report Form

Resources for student help: Honors college tutoringCounseling centerMERRP tutoring Career center events

Various petitions online: Modification of Major (sub one course for another, generally done for ECE 491 to Technical Electives), General petition (to take classes simultaneously, to go beyond 18 credit hours, Miscellaneous), Proposal for Undergraduate Research (that and Mod of Major to count ECE 392 as Tech. Elective)
Pre-req waiver form for ECE

UIC Transportation (like Nightride)
Security Authority Incident Reporting Form
Sexual harassment reporting, Title IX
Protection of Minors