Director of Undergraduate Studies

I have been the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the ECE department since Fall 2016. Some useful links.

Fall 2021 virtual drop-in office hours: TBA. No appointment needed, just join my Zoom room and I will admit you in the order you arrive.


Official UIC Fall 2021 guidance
UIC COVID reporting tool
Official UIC COVID-19 policies and communications
UIC Today official COVID resources
ECE Fall 2020 Class plans
COE Fall 2020 FAQ
UIC Saliva-based testing info
Healthcheck for faculty coming to campus
General student resources


All curricula and flowcharts
ECE courses
ECE Tracks
uAchieve report
Transfer students and ECE 115 policy
Grade recalculation policy
Incomplete grade policy
Student disciplinary policy
Academic Integrity Incident Report Form

CS courses for EE/CE/EP MAJORS:
While the CS course catalog does not show this (they are working to fix it), the pre-requisites for CS courses for EE/CE/EP MAJORS are:

CS 107: credit or concurrent registration in MATH 180
CS 151: MATH 180, and Grade C or better in CS 107
CS 251: Grade C or better in CS 151, and credit or concurrent enrollment in ECE 266
CS 361: Grade C or better in CS 251 and (ECE 266 or CS 261)
CS 401: Grade C or better in CS 251

Various petitions online: Modification of Major (sub one course for another, generally done for ECE 491 to Technical Electives), General petition (to take classes simultaneously, to go beyond 18 credit hours, Miscellaneous), Proposal for Undergraduate Research (that and Mod of Major to count ECE 392 as Tech. Elective)
Pre-req waiver form for ECE

ECE 392 Undergraduate research:
to take this course, contact an instructor (professor in ECE) and agree upon a topic and number of credit hours (1 credit hour is roughly 4 hours of work a week) for your undergraduate research. I suggest 1-2 credit hours. Then fill out this form and have your instructor and the DUGS sign off before sending to ECE student affairs. If you would like to receive technical elective credit for this, you can petition that using a modification of major form, which again must be approved by the DUGS. Note that this will count as one of 2 technical elective courses permitted at the 300 level.

Resources for students:
Matlab for UIC students.

Resources for student help:

Honors college tutoring
Counseling center
MERRP tutoring
Career center events
UIC Transportation (like Nightride)
Security Authority Incident Reporting Form
Sexual harassment reporting, Title IX
Protection of Minors